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In order to minimize corrosion in boilers caused by dissolved air and other gases the feed water has to be warmed up to extract such gases by reducing their solubility; where removing of oxygen and carbon dioxide is the main objective.
Oxygen is the main cause of corrosion in pipes, pumps and boilers and if carbon-dioxide is also present in water, the water will have a low PH, hence having a tendency towards acidity causing an increase in corrosion. Even if the corrosion of metal is not high, this will lead to porosity in it. The first step in enhancement of boiler feed water is removing its dissolved oxygen by heating. Tehran Mobaddel manufactures deaerators of tank and column type with condensate water temperature ranging from 50 to 200°F and rating from 1500 – 135000 lb/hr, with the largest model having a tank volume of 1500 gallons and column diameter of 42 inches.

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