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Air Cooled Condenser

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The Tehran mobaddel produces air cooled condensers with the aid of fully automatic fin line machinery and according to latest related standards such as ASHREA and ASME.

Capacity range of models are 5 to 100 refrigeration tons and could be used with the Tehran mobaddels TMLC-A chillers or other compressor – evaporator arrangement.

Some good advantages of our air cooled condensers are:

Coils comprise of seamless copper tubes 5/8” od and aluminum or copper plate type fin. The fins are staggered and corrugated for more efficiency and could be made from 8 to 16 FPI.

The fans are axial, direct driven and are provided from best European brands. Protection class of electro motors are IP-55. Fans could be controlled by controller device. All the fan assembly are protected by firm fan guard.

All parts of body including frame and chassis made of heavy gage galvanized sheets. Panels are removable for easily maintenance and repair of internal parts.

The control panel is water proof and all the electrical equipments are designed and selected for outdoor operation.

Air Cooled Condenser

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