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Reciprocating Liquid Chiller

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"Tehran Mobaddel" liquid chillers capacity varies from 10 to 300 tones. Two types of air & water cooled system are available.

Units are supplied completely with semi – hermetic compressors, shell and tube evaporators, receiver, related piping, insulation and control panel.

In water cooled chillers, condensers are integrated with base unit and is a shell and tube heat exchanger.

Air cooled chillers have a separate condensing unit consisting of:

  • Heavy gage galvanized frame
  • 5/8" copper tubes, aluminum fines (from 8 to 10 FPI)
  • Galvanized or fiberglass fan blades with direct driven eclectic motors.


Reciprocating Liquid Chiller

Reciprocating Liquid Chiller

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